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December 4, 2013



LISBON, Portugal — Portugal wants to look like Ireland, but it can’t disguise its resemblance to Greece. Inspectors from Portugal’s bailout creditors arrive in Lisbon on Wednesday for a regular check of the country’s fiscal health and its compliance with the stipulations of the 78 billion euro ($106 billion) financial rescue it received in 2011. As in Ireland and Greece, which got bailouts the year before Portugal, the agreement demanded steep spending cuts and an economic makeover — part of an effort to persuade wary investors to start lending debt-heavy eurozone countries money again. With six months to go before Portugal’s bailout cash runs out, it’s still unclear whether the Portuguese will be able to make it on their own. By Barry Hatton. SENT: 900 words, photos.


KIEV, Ukraine — Several thousand people gather on the central square of Ukraine’s capital at Orthodox priests chant prayers at dawn to the demonstrators pushing their anti-government protests into a new day. With the president out of the country and the government unyielding, a resolution to the tensions that have gripped Ukraine for nearly two weeks appears elusive. By Jim Heintz. UPCOMING: NewsNow by 0900 GMT.


BERLIN — German prosecutors have filed espionage charges against a man accused of spying for Syrian intelligence on exiled dissidents. Federal prosecutors said Wednesday that the 59-year-old, a German-Syrian dual national identified only as Hassan A. in line with German privacy rules, is accused of spying on Syrian opposition supporters in Berlin from November 2011 to February 2012.


CHISINAU, Moldova — US Secretary of State John Kerry makes landmark visit to this former Soviet republic which initialed an association agreement with the European Union last week to encourage its move toward Europe. Kerry arrives in Moldovan capital Chisinau at 1345 GMT and will hold a press conference. He leaves in the evening for Israel.

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