Beer For Dogs

October 13, 2018

A husband and wife team who own a couple of bars in Texas have just launched a hot new item: cold beer for dogs.

While the concept of popping open a cold one for your furry friend wasn’t theirs to create, Megan and Steve Long have certainly upped the ante with their Good Boy Dog Beer.

According to The Houston Chronicle, the Longs started brewing a chicken flavored concoction they called Mailman Malt Licker, but now their canine line has two others: the pork-based Lot in the Yard, and the veggie-based Session...squirrel!.

While each are non-alcoholic -- booze is bad for dogs -- the brews are made with Fido-friendly ingredients like chicken, turmeric, carrots, basil, ginger and fennel.

Their Good Boy Beer was a hit, and although it’s being sold in 15 watering holes around Texas, they’re getting orders from across the country. “Everyone likes the idea of having a beer with their dog, you know?” says Steve, 41.

The whimsical idea began when the pair began cooking at home for their Rottweiler Rocky, when he started having digestive issues. They started experimenting with brewing at a friend’s home, and after finding a place to can the stuff, the first cans started rolling off their shelves -- at a recommended price of $5 a can.

The pair has the right idea, the newspaper notes, quoting the American Pet Products Association statistics that say pets in the U.S. are a $72 billion business in 2018, and growing fast.

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