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Gore, Couric Poke Fun at Bremen’s Madonna

May 10, 1994

BREMEN, Ind. (AP) _ Madonna Kemp wanted to know what the Clinton administration was going to do for senior citizens. Vice President Al Gore and NBC-TV’s Katie Couric wanted to know about her first name.

Kemp, 67, spoke briefly with the vice president on a call-in segment of Monday’s ″Today″ show.

Couric joked about Kemp’s name before Kemp asked Gore about how to help fight the rising cost of living for retirees.

″She said, ‘I don’t think it is THE Madonna,’ ″ said Kemp, who was identified on the program by her first name only. ″I was tempted to say, ‘Oh yes, it is.’ ″

After the call, Gore thanked Couric for clarifying Kemp’s identity. Gore said he initially thought he was on ″Late Show With David Letterman″ when he heard the name Madonna.

Kemp didn’t mind the ribbing, but said she was miffed by Gore’s short response.

″He stalled for a little bit, then he said, ‘That’s why we have a cost of living increase built into Social Security,’ ″ Kemp said.

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