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Denver jail deputy fired for ignoring woman’s seizures

July 3, 2019

DENVER (AP) — A sheriff’s deputy has been fired for ignoring a woman who suffered multiple seizures while in Denver’s jail and two other deputies received suspensions for the February incident.

The Denver Post reports that two deputies, Sarah Bautista and Zoe Vigil, watched as the woman rolled on the floor during a seizure and did not help her. A discipline letter says Bautista later passed the cell and did nothing as the woman flailed on the ground inside.

Another deputy later reported that the woman had a bump on her forehead, a black eye and bruises and scrapes. Video footage showed she hit her head on the cell’s floor, bunk and metal chair during seizures.

Vigil was suspended without pay for 22 days. A third deputy was suspended for 10 days.

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