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Farmer Shows True Grit While Impaled on Steel Shaft

August 14, 1993

BERTHA, Minn. (AP) _ To hear Dennis Hof tell it, it was just another day on the farm. Except on this particular day he had become impaled on a steel shaft. ″I asked him what was wrong, and he said, ‘You may want to take a look at my back,’ said paramedic Don Snorek, one of nearly a dozen rescuers who freed Hof on Friday. ″I walked around and noticed that he was impaled on a 2-inch steel post.″

The 2-inch-diameter shaft, part of a tractor-mounted implement for moving large, round bales of hay, entered Hof’s lower right side when he backed into it while driving another tractor.

″He denied any complaints other than that he just couldn’t get off of it,″ Snorek said.

Rescuers cut off the shaft, 8 inches of which had gone into Hof’s body, and took him to Abbott Northwestern Hospital, 125 miles away in Minneapolis.

He was listed in stable condition there Saturday, and doctors said no vital organs were damaged.

″He’s really doing very well,″ said nursing supervisor Dottie Thomson.

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