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Bright and Brief

July 1, 1987

PLANTATION, Fla. (AP) _ Jim Wyatt’s phone bill was 2 inches thick, 210 pages long and detailed 4,931 long-distance calls lasting 72,849 minutes. The bill asked for $14,720.96.

That’s 50.6 days of non-stop talking in 30 days, suggesting that Wyatt’s U.S. Sprint access code number was often being used for more than one call at a time.

″Everybody in the United States was using it but me,″ said Wyatt, 53. ″I’m not going to pay the bill.″

U.S. Sprint spokesman Steve Dykes said company investigators were looking into the matter. He said Wyatt probably was victimized by a hacker who used a computer to obtain his access code and pass it around.

The bill listed calls from Australia to Puerto Rico to Maine to Oregon to Florida, but the only legitimate charge Wyatt could find was a $3.01 conversation he had with someone in Virginia.

The U.S. Sprint employee who took Wyatt’s complaint call reacted the same way everyone else reacted Tuesday when they heard his story, Wyatt said.

″She laughed,″ he said.

U.S. Sprint gave Wyatt a $488 volume discount, but that didn’t affect his decision to change his long-service company.

″I’m going back to AT&T,″ Wyatt said.


VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) - A light sprinkle was the answer for weary zookeepers trying to help kangaroos who weren’t smart enough to come out of the noonday sun.

Larry Lesage, curator at the Stanley Park Zoo, said that cold-weather animals, including penguins and polar bears, seem to be doing better than the kangaroos in coping with daytime temperatures reaching into the 90s.

″The ’roos just sit there in the sun and pant when all they have to do is move into the shade,″ Lesage said Monday. ″They just can’t figure it out. We were going around lifting them bodily into the shade until somebody got the bright idea of a water sprinkler.

″Really, with all respect to the Australians, those animals aren’t too bright.″

Penguins and polar bears are just spending more time in the water, Lesage said.

″The bears have two pools, and their quarters are underground,″ he added. ″They also have a big air-conditioning fan. They’re doing fine.″

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