Community Lost Very Special Person

October 2, 2018

Editor: On Sept. 3, the community lost a very special person in Ruth K. Smith. Ruth was not only my friend, but she was also a very strong advocate for her clients. There was something about her that always made me feel that no matter what happens, everything will work out. Just in that basic mantra, what I learned from Ruth was that nothing troublesome lasts forever. In fact, Ruth always had a way to bring an “oh, what the hell…” to such challenges and worked her way through, getting “there” with humor. I learned a lot from Ruth in this regard. We all would do well to emulate her disposition, concern for others, her kindness and her humility. Ruth was also the first woman Realtor of The Wilkes-Barre Board to become affiliated with a national franchise at a time when many in the Realtor community did not really accept such a direction. Ruth jumped in with both feet, realizing the opportunities to be gained. She later turned over the reins to her son and his partner, but Ruth did not fade away nor wave goodbye. Every day/night you could see her car parked in slot #1 at the Back Mountain office, as she continued helping clients until she recently became ill. As with any loss, there is immediate sadness. Whenever I have lost someone close to me, I realize how fortunate I was to have known such a human being. In Ruth’s case, it is no different really, except that somehow she was one of those persons who you’d expect to live forever because of who she was—treating everyone as the most important person in the world. There were few in my life that I can say this about, but Ruth certainly was one of them. Coray S. Mitchell FORTY FORT

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