Home visitation program for families expands to Bingham County

September 26, 2018

Southeastern Idaho Public Health has expanded their free evidence-based Parents as Teachers home visitation program, which currently sees families in Bannock and Power Counties, to Bingham County.

The program is designed to offer support to parents, and to provide them with guidance and advice to help build their children’s intellectual, language, social, and physical development from birth to the age of three. The Parents as Teachers program is enrolling families who are pregnant or who have children from birth to three years of age.

Families participating in the Parents as Teachers program will receive:

•Monthly home visits from a certified parent educator offering support along the parenting journey and offer age-appropriate information including; prenatal care for healthy growth and development, what to expect as your child grows and develops, how to encourage intellectual development, curiosity and language development and fun activities to help your child develop skills and prepare for school.

•Health and development screenings that focus on the child’s development and the well-being of the family to provide information and connections to supports in the community.

•Monthly group connection meetings where parents can discuss and learn about child development, parenting issues and concerns, and make connections with other families to provide support for each other.

National research findings show children who participate in Parents as Teachers are healthier, score higher on kindergarten readiness tests, are better problem solvers, and are more advanced in language and social development.

For more information about the Parents as Teachers program or to enroll, please contact Southeastern Idaho Public Health at 208-239-5238 or at pat@siph.idaho.gov.

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