JERUSALEM (AP) _ Two roadside bombs exploded next to a settler convoy in the Gaza Strip, a settlement leader said Wednesday. At least one person was injured, Israel radio reported.

The convoy was accompanied by Israeli military vehicles and heading for the isolated settlement of Netzarim, south of Gaza City.

Netzarim leader Shlomo Kostiner said the convoy was traveling at its usual time.

Netzarim and the road leading to it have been a constant flashpoint, as Palestinians attack convoys and vehicles.

Two bombs exploded as the convoy passed by, according to Israel radio, and then the convoy was fired on. Convoys leave every 40 minutes to and from Netzarim, where 60 Israeli families live.

Israeli authorities closed off the area and prevented Palestinian police and reporters from approaching the scene.

Palestinians demand that all Israeli settlements be removed from Gaza. Most of them are along the Mediterranean coast, but several, like Netzarim, are isolated and surrounded by Palestinian-controlled territory.

Israel controls about one-third of the territory, where about 6,500 settlers live. More than one million Palestinians live in Gaza.