SIENA, Italy (AP) _ A horse injured in Siena's famous race, the Palio, has been put to death because of his injuries.

Animal rights activists have long opposed the Palio because of the toll it takes on the animals. Collisions and injuries are common; more than 30 horses have died since 1975.

The horse, Braccio di Ferro (``Tug of War''), fell and injured his leg on July 2 while trying to round a corner on the race's slippery cobblestone course.

The Palio pits whip-wielding jockeys from the town's fiercely competitive neighborhoods riding bareback in a mad gallop three times around Siena's main piazza.

The Palio, which has been run since 1656, usually takes place twice each summer. A third race was added in 2000 to mark the Vatican's Holy Year.