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Four Palestinians Killed in Uprising Violence

July 22, 1992

JERUSALEM (AP) _ Israeli soldiers fatally shot a Palestinian activist during a gunfight in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin on Wednesday night, the army reported.

Three other Palestinians were killed by fellow Arabs in separate incidents in the occupied West Bank and Gaza territories, the army said.

Mahmud Abu Hasan, 23, a leader of the Black Panthers, a militant wing of the PLO’s mainstream Fatah faction, was carrying a pistol and hand grenade when soldiers shot him, a military spokesman said.

In the Khan Yunis district of Gaza, Palestinians shot and killed Fawzi Ayub Sabeg, 33, who was suspected of collaborating with Israeli authorities, according to Arab reports.

In Kufr Raay, a village near Jenin, masked men entered the home of Muraweh Al-Haradien, 54, and demanded to question his son about alleged collaboration with Israel, the army and Arab sources said.

When Al-Haradien refused, the intruders fatally shot him and also killed another family member, Jamil Muhammed Said Sabah, 27.

Abu Hasan was the 941st Palestinian killed by Israeli soldiers or civilians during the 4 1/2 -year uprising against Israeli rule in the occupied territories.

The deaths in Gaza and Jenin brought to 603 the number of Palestinians killed by fellow Arabs for suspected collaboration with Israel.

Ninety-seven Israelis have been killed in the violence.

Also on Wednesday, Palestinian peace negotiator Dr. Zakaria Al-Agha filed a complaint against the Israeli army after soldiers locked him inside his bedroom for forty minutes.

Al-Agha, who is a member of the Palestinian delegation to the peace talks, said six soldiers entered his apartment at 4:15 a.m. and locked him, his wife and two daughters in a room in their apartment.

The army said it stationed soldiers on top of Al-Agha’s Gaza City house for three hours during an operation to capture Palestinian activists. An army spokesman said he knew nothing about Al-Agha’s complaint.

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