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Duchovny ‘X-Files’ Return Unknown

May 16, 2000

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Fox TV has solved the mystery of whether ``The X-Files″ will return for one more season, reaching a last-minute deal with series creator Chris Carter.

But there was still suspense Tuesday over whether David Duchovny will star for an eighth year as FBI agent Fox Mulder. Fox Broadcasting Co. was to present its fall schedule to advertisers in New York Thursday.

``My contract connects me to the show for another season,″ Carter said. ``I’ve agreed to do it either way,″ with or without Duchovny.

He said he could figure out a way to write around a missing Duchovny but would prefer not to.

Gillian Anderson, who co-stars in the offbeat drama about FBI agents on the trail of supernatural forces and alien invaders, already was signed for another year.

As part of his agreement, Carter said he expects ``The Lone Gunmen,″ an ``X-Files″ spin-off, to be part of Fox’s 2000-01 midseason schedule.

Calls to Duchovny’s representatives were not immediately returned Tuesday. His contract negotiations _ he’s seeking more money and a less-grueling work schedule _ have been complicated by a lawsuit he filed against 20th Century Fox Film Corp.

The suit claims Fox gave its own stations sweetheart deals on ``The X-Files″ reruns when the program should have been sold to the highest bidder. The result, the suit claims, was that Duchovny was underpaid on the series’ profits.

``I definitely could do another year, but I really don’t know if it’ll happen,″ Duchovny said in an interview last month. ``I’m kind of happy that decision’s been taken away from me. I’ve made my terms clear.″

``The X-Files″ has been one of Fox’s most popular shows and a key part of its schedule. The series, which moved here from Vancouver at Duchovny’s request, will continue production in Los Angeles, Carter said.

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