Lower Elkhorn NRD board approves to fund river rehabilitation project

July 28, 2018

NORFOLK - After much debate the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District Board of Directors approved financing the City of Norfolk’s North Fork River Rehabilitation Project Thursday night.

The City was seeking $1 million, which would cover one third of the $3 million project.

Mayor Josh Moenning said this has been in the works for decades and now is the right time move forward.

“You all have done the homework. You have laid out a fiscally responsible approach to budgeting for this commitment. And you’ve set out a plan to follow through on finishing -using collaboration and partnership- a long standing priority of the Lower Elkhorn NRD” Moenning said.

“It’s my hope that we can step together on the first step to making this our project. One that will be a showcase and model project for all of Nebraska, and provide safe water base recreational opportunities to families of this entire region for generations to come” Moenning added.

Board Member Chad Korth said he’s in favor of the project as a whole, it’s just hard for him to justify the $1 million request.

“I’d like to challenge everybody - I’d stick $1,000 personally - to all you yay-sayers if you can put up $1,000 also I’ll do it. To me this is tax payer money and I understand we need to treat it and give it to everybody on a want and need basis” Korth said.

“So I’ll personally give a $1,000 to the project even though personally I’ll vote no. So all the people that are going to vote yes on the board put your money where your mouth is” Korth added.

The board voted to approve funding the project by a vote of 8 to 5 with Board Members Jerry Allemann, Roger Gustafson, Chad Korth, Mark Hall, and Matt Steffen voting against.

The funding will be divided out over four years between 2019 and 2022.

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