Smoking banned in Town of Elon

January 17, 2019
The new research may give pause to smokers.

Smoking, vaping or carrying a lighted tobacco product will now be prohibited in all public areas in the Town of Elon, according to the town’s updated Code of Ordinances. This includes public sidewalks in the Town of Elon and downtown Elon. A violation of this ordinance will result in a verbal warning or a $50 fine.

The updated Code of Ordinances was approved by the Board of Alderman unanimously at Tuesday night’s board meeting, according to Elon News Network.

New Town of Elon Chief of Police Kelly Blackwelder said her officers would enforce the ban on all smoking products. This includes Juuls, hookah pens and e-cigarettes with or without tobacco.

“It is going to be a little difficult at first,” Blackwelder said. “I see a lot of verbal warnings.”

The City of Mebane in Alamance County has a similar ordinance. Blackwelder hopes to enforce the no-smoking policy in a similar way.

Blackwelder said she thinks some business owners downtown are concerned this will decrease foot traffic to their businesses. But she said her officers will focus on educating citizens about the new policy before handing out fines.

“Our officers are good decision-makers, good thinkers,” Blackwelder said. “I think they can get the message across through education.”

But if citizens do get a fine for smoking and do not pay it within 10 days, they could risk more severe charges.

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