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$100,000 Reward Offered After Stabbing of Daily News Truck Driver

December 7, 1990

NEW YORK (AP) _ The publisher of the strikebound Daily News accused New York’s mayor and police of ignoring evidence that strikers conspired to destroy the newspaper with violence and intimidation.

The allegations by James Hoge came Thursday after a replacement driver was beaten and stabbed about 12 hours after he was summoned to testify before a grand jury investigating strike violence.

″I submit that the police need to face up to what is clearly the reality today in this community: the gangsters are running free, and nobody is willing to say what is really occurring,″ Hoge said.

″Instead, we have public officials that are hiding behind technical and innocuous statements - and that is not living up to the full responsibility of officials who have sworn to uphold the law.″

Hoge urged Mayor David Dinkins to speak out more forcefully. Dinkins earlier called on all parties to denounce violence and a mayoral spokesman said police and Dinkins had responded fairly to complaints from both sides.

The newspaper offered a $100,000 reward for information about the attack early Thursday in Irvington, N.J.

Police said 15 men armed with baseball bats, bottles and a knife attacked replacement driver Carlos Chacon, 45, of Harrison, N.J.

He was stabbed in the buttocks and abdomen and a helper, Derrick Foster, 27, of Newark, N.J., was cut and bruised, police said.

Chacon was hospitalized Thursday in satisfactory condition. Foster was treated and released.

Police said the victims heard one attacker say: ″These people that work for the Daily News are taking my job. I’m going to kill you.″

Hoge stopped short of saying the grand jury summons and the stabbing were directly linked.

Chacon was called as a potential witness for an investigation into an Oct. 27 incident in which a striking Daily News driver allegedly smashed a delivery truck’s headlights and windows, Hoge said.

Nine of the newspaper’s 10 unions have been on strike since Oct. 25.

Union officials decried the stabbing and denied Hoge’s accusations.

″The highest police officials of this city have refuted these charges. Jim Hoge repeating something over and over like a parrot doesn’t make a conspiracy,″ said Newspaper Guild head Barry Lipton. ″This is meaningless babble from a desperate man.″