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Newsweek Says Achille Lauro Crew Threw Million-Dollar Cargo Overboard

January 6, 1986

NEW YORK (AP) _ The crew of the once-hijacked cruise ship Achille Lauro recently dumped overboard $1 million worth of new gambling equipment after the ship received a bomb threat, according to a published report.

The panicked crew feared the crates might contain a bomb and jettisoned the equipment while cruising in the Aegean Sea, Newsweek said in its Jan. 13 edition. The scare turned out to be a hoax. The Italian liner was hijacked by terrorists in October in an ordeal that resulted in the death of an American tourist.

In the same story, Newsweek said an Olympic Airways captain refused to take off when he learned that a prominent member of the Palestine Liberation Organization was aboard an Athens to Cairo flight.

Capt. Akrivos Tsolakis feared the Israelis might intercept his flight in retaliation for the Rome and Vienna airport attacks, which had occurred the previous day, Dec. 27, the magazine said. The captain held out until the PLO security chief, Hayel Abdel Hamid, was escorted off, the newsweekly said.

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