Bio Zapp gets Trudy’s vote as the best odor neutralizer

August 27, 2018

It was Saturday night, my last walk of the dog before I dragged my tired self to bed. As I clicked on Max’s leash, flipped on the light, and opened the door my little dog barked and pulled hard to get to a cat, or so I thought. Luckily I wasn’t half asleep when I walked outside because Max was headed straight for a SKUNK! I pulled him and I back inside the house and narrowly escaped a stinky situation. Whew …

Getting rid of odors around the house is one of the top asked questions. And most of them are pet odors. We love our pets; we just don’t like our home to smell like a kennel. So what do you do when your new pup or your older dog is treating the inside of your house like it’s the great outdoors? Bio Zapp is a product that has been around for 25 years, and it still is the best odor neutralizer that I know of. If you have an area on the carpet that your pet keeps marking and you keep cleaning, remember the problem is that the odor goes much deeper than the surface of the carpet. It goes down through the carpet, through the pad and down into the concrete foundation. So just cleaning the carpet will not work.

Spray the area with Bio Zapp. It’s clear and will not stain. Spray until saturated so that the Bio Zapp goes down deep into the carpet and below the pad. Let it air dry. If your pet still seems interested in the area - repeat and know it will not harm your carpet. If you have a cat, that sprays the edge of the couch or your drapes, you can feel confident about applying Bio Zapp to all materials, except for velvets and leathers. My mom and dad spilled a bean casserole in the trunk of their car, and even though they cleaned it up, with the heat of the summer it smelled awful. They saturated the trunk carpet several times and then opened up an Air Sponge and let it do the rest of the job.

Air Sponge is another product that is great for removing odors from the “air.” Smoke odors in a car, food odors in the house, musty smells in a closet will all be taken care of when you open up an Air Sponge. Air Sponge is not a sponge; it just absorbs odors like one. It comes in a half pound, a one pound, and a four pound for really big odors. Open it up and turn it upside down exposing 75 percent of the product and it will shock the air getting rid of an odor quicker. Do you have pets that stay inside the house or are your co-pilot when driving? Keep an Air Sponge open and you won’t have lingering animal smell.

To finish the story of the skunk … he stayed in my yard for an hour, nosing around for grubs. The next day I purchased Messina Squirrel Stopper and sprayed the front landscaping. Messina doesn’t smell like roses, but it beats getting sprayed by a skunk. And then I applied Grub X to my yard. No grubs, no skunk! Well at least I hope so.

Now to the email …

Question: My floors squeak under carpet. I remember reading a solution in your column. Please give your suggestions for correcting this problem. Thank you!

Answer: The product is called Squeeeek No More which is a tool that allows you to find the squeak and drive a long screw into the joist below. Call me if you can’t find the product.

Question: I’m getting ready to take off for a extended vacation and I want to leave lights on outside. I know you wrote about a bulb that had a sensor in it. I want to put them in all my outdoor fixtures. They all had sensors that worked years ago, but not now. Is it cost-efficient to install the bulbs instead of installing all new light fixtures?

Answer: The Phillips dusk to dawn bulb is so inexpensive. Don’t replace your light fixture, just use this bulb. When you install the bulb, make sure that the sensor faces the front.

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