Jim Dolan: Endorsed, not purchased

August 27, 2018


I consider the role of a city council member as an opportunity to serve the whole community. In my efforts to ensure I have heard the voice of the citizens, I have attended all six public forums and made myself accessible to the populace for their questions and concerns. Recently I was criticized for being in a pact with the Firefighter Association in exchange for their assistance in getting elected. The Firefighter Association decided early on to financially invest in two council candidates. I was not one of them. However, my name was placed on signs along with the two other candidates as being supported by the association. I believe this endorsement put me in the middle of a dispute between former City Manager Charlie Cassens and the association members. Both the Firefighters Association and Mr. Cassens have valid views based on their own experience, perspective and concerns for the community.

A few people want to make the election about firemen pay and a problem with compaction. In my discussions with individual firemen I believe that the true concern on their minds is the overall health of the department and less about salary. Programs and services to the community have been trimmed or cut. Training budgets are down to the minimum needed for certification. Notably, this is not limited to the fire department alone. If you believe that the firemen’s wages are the biggest issue facing the city at the moment, then I would encourage you to vote for the Firefighter Association’s financially supported candidates. Having been born and raised in Lake Havasu, I know a majority of the firemen, both active and retired, and am confident that they know I will do what is best for the community as a whole. I have my sights set on serving the entire community and not just one organization within the city. Along with my professional and community service experience, I have invested the time and energy becoming knowledgeable on the topics affecting the city, so I can make educated and well thought-out decisions. In light of this, I am a strong candidate for City Council. I believe the endorsements by the Firefighter Association and the Today’s New Herald were based on my merit. If elected, it will not be based on what sign my name was on, but rather on my merit.

Jim Dolan

Lake Havasu City

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