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Stunt Driver Breaks Own Record

February 12, 1998

LAS VEGAS (AP) _ Brian Carson knows how to fly from endzone to endzone. He’s not a football player, though. Or even a pilot.

The Hollywood stunt driver drove a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle up a ramp at 93 miles per hour, soared for 314 feet over a simulated football field and between two sets of goalposts on a casino parking pot. He crash-landed into a row of 30 cars Wednesday.

Carson, 40, emerged shaken but unhurt from the twisted wreckage.

``I felt like I could pull the steering wheel back and just fly like an airplane,″ Carson said. ``When I got up in the air, I knew I was going for a ride.″

He broke his own record of 298 feet.

``We have a saying that if you can walk away, it’s a good stunt. This was a good stunt,″ he said. ``I never saw the goalposts _ I just saw the stars. It felt like hours up there. Cars aren’t meant to fly.″

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