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Company Official Resigns After Displaying Imperial Flag

December 10, 1992

MUNICH, Germany (AP) _ An aerospace company executive has resigned for flying the old German imperial flag, which has been adopted as a symbol by some neo-Nazi groups.

The supervisory board at Deutsche Aerospace AG, a subsidiary of the giant Daimler-Benz conglomerate, said Thursday it accepted the resignation of marketing executive Karl J. Dersch.

Deutsche Aerospace board chairman Edzard Reuter said in a statement he had full confidence in Dersch’s political integrity and his opposition to any form of hatred of foreigners.

Dersch, 57, offered to resign last week following news media reports criticizing him for regularly displaying the flag in his garden.

While displaying the imperial flag is not illegal, it is increasingly used by radical rightists who want to rid the country of foreigners and restore Germany’s prewar borders.

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