Letters To The Editor 12/19/2018

December 19, 2018

Rescue overlooked

Editor: Time magazine recently recognized “the Guardians” — a handful of journalists targeted for their work (including the late Jamal Khashoggi) as the publication’s Person of the Year 2018.

While that acknowledgment has merit, I hoped to see high recognition for the rescue crews who safely removed one-by-one the 12 members of the Thai boys soccer team trapped inside a cave. The treacherous rescue route was through two miles of water-filled sumps and hollow, narrow pathways under solid rock. The rescuers were a hastily organized group of highly trained Australian, British, Chinese, Thai SEALS and US Air Force 320th special tactics personnel.




Post-modern sellout

Editor: American universities are dominated by liberal professors who have turned college into a mechanism for elimination of conservative ideas.

An analysis by the conservative Hoover Institution uncovered a six-to-one liberal-to-conservative ratio among faculty nationwide. Students are being indoctrinated with a liberal ideology that embraces relativism. Liberal professors seek to eliminate right and wrong, replacing truth with “your truth” and reality with political orthodoxies. Conservatives believe that objective truth is breaking down. In essence, our university system reflects America’s entry into the age of relativism where absolute truth no longer exists. It is relative to each individual only. When man rejects the truth his conscience shuts down, allowing him to replace truth with self-justifying lies.

Many parents are unaware of the extent to which their college-age children may be shaped in the classroom by ideological precepts. If you want your offspring to have quality instruction and intellectual diversity, an alternative is a Christian college. A professor should not lean left or right; the presentation should objectively allow students to engage in discussion and debate.

Christian universities have assembled what conservatives see as a quality education, intellectually diverse faculties with whom students may freely debate ideas. Christian colleges are uniquely positioned to resist the relativism that has corrupted average American universities. They do not force their religious beliefs on their students; liberal arts thrive on their campuses.

America cannot afford to lose a broadly educated citizenry. The humanities and sciences are being replaced by political indoctrination. If our republic is to persevere, students must be taught to think and to engage and participate actively in a democratic society.

Christian schools have largely managed to avoid the political homogeneity that has inundated many secular universities. Truth exists and matters; it’s a sad commentary that many secular universities have sold out to a post-modernism philosophy.



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