Judge denies Omaha strip club owner’s request to temporarily block new laws

August 26, 2018

LINCOLN — A federal judge has rejected the request of an Omaha club that features nude dancing to temporarily block enforcement of new state and local laws governing bottle clubs and nuisances.

Club Omaha, near 72nd and Dodge Streets, had argued that a new city ordinance would ban nude dancing at its facility, which doesn’t sell alcohol but had allowed members to bring their own liquor or beer. The club also alleged that state and local officials were conspiring to close the business.

But U.S. District Judge Laurie Smith Camp, in a ruling Thursday, said the ordinance doesn’t appear to ban nude dancing at bottle clubs. She rejected the club’s request to temporarily block enforcement of the new laws and ordered the club to request a later hearing on claims that the new rules are unconstitutional.

A new state law went into effect last month requiring bottle clubs to obtain licenses similar to those required of bars and taverns. The Omaha City Council then amended its ordinances to reflect the new law. Earlier, the council expanded its “Good Neighbor” nuisance ordinance to include businesses like Club Omaha, making it easier to close the business if neighbors complained.

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