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Hahn, Bakker Lawyers Go Head-to-Head With AM-Jessica Hahn, Bjt

September 23, 1987

NEW YORK (AP) _ Jessica Hahn, featured in Playboy magazine as she concluded grand jury testimony about payoffs linked to her sexual encounter with PTL founder Jim Bakker, has ″learned the ways of the world very fast,″ Bakker’s lawyer said Tuesday.

Melvin Belli and Miss Hahn’s lawyer, Dominic Barbara, sparred verbally during an interview on the Fox Television program, ″A Current Affair.″

″The poor girl is trying to get another million″ dollars, Belli said of the sum that Playboy reportedly paid Miss Hahn.

But Barbara countered that his client has changed in the seven years since her sexual encounter with Bakker in the Florida motel.

″It’s not the same girl who went down there in 1980, lured by Bakker and his cohorts,″ he said. ″I’m the one who negotiated the contract for her. Jessica Hahn never met anyone from Playboy until I sat down to settle the terms.″

″I wouldn’t represent a young, naive girl to do this,″ said Belli, referring to her decision to pose semi-nude while testifying that she was sexually victimized. ″I think that for a poor, naive young girl, she’s learned the ways of the world very fast.″

However, Belli, who had not read the Playboy interview or seen the pictures, said it would be against his principles to criticize anyone for posing nude.

The November issue of the magazine includes a 31-page interview and semi- nude photo layout of Miss Hahn.

Barbara said earlier that Miss Hahn’s two days of testimony before a grand jury in Charlotte, N.C., focused on possible IRS violation by the PTL ministry in connection with alleged hush money paid her. She is testifying under a limited grant of immunity from prosecution.

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