Scout girls navigate tough schedule to 6 wins

March 1, 2019

Nathan Wall’s fifth season at the helm of David City girls basketball was an expected work in progress. Yet, while the Scouts were coming off a 7-16 season and a roster replacing seven seniors, there was also much excitement about a group of youngsters that were ahead of most previous underclassmen.

Wall’s system had been fully integrated into the junior high for three successive classes of seventh and eighth graders. Freshmen, though new to varsity, had all the makings of immediate contributors.

Take a look at the final stats and Wall’s hopes were mostly realized. Two freshmen played in all 21 games, finished as the third and fourth-leading scorer on the team and a sophomore, also a product of middle school years in the system, and one season of varsity, led the way in points and rebounds.

David City was unable to pass the win total from the year before, and still had some growing pains, but also showed future potential with another year or two of seasoning.

“It was a successful season. I knew coming into the season that we were just going to be overmatched in a few games because we were extremely young and we had our most difficult schedule in the five years that I have been here,” Wall said. “Our record may not have indicated a great deal of success, but we competed as well as we could and we were a very classy team, one that I was honored to take the floor with each night.”

Inexperience was a major factor in offensive production. The Scouts scored about 200 points fewer than a year ago, and posted fewer than 30 points on four occasions.

The defense gave up just about the same total as a year ago, and could become more imposing with the physical maturation of several players.

“We did leave a few wins out there, which is disappointing. It is very difficult to win games at the varsity level, and not something that should ever be taken for granted,” Wall said. “However, there is more to learn from losing than by winning. By losing some of these games early, it helped us to win a few games late.”

Sophomore Lauren Vandenberg was the top point producer at 9.6 points per game and also grabbed over nine rebounds.

Freshman Neely Burns scored just over seven each time out to go with at least one steal and one assist. Fellow newcomer Lili Eickmeier was fourth on the team at 3.3 points per game.

David City says goodbye to seniors Macy Svoboda (8.2 PPG, 4.9 RPG), Allie Daro and Eli Alvaroda.

“She was the starting point guard her sophomore year when we won two games and started our complete rebuilding project. I couldn’t have picked anyone better to star over with,” Wall said.

“Eli loves being a Scout basketball player. She loves her team and loves her school. It’s rare to find someone with as much school pride as Eli.

“Allie is the smartest player I have ever coached, someone that is wise beyond her years. She is an outstanding role model to our future Lady Scouts, and is going to be an extremely successful person in life because of her work ethic.”

Nate Tenopir is the sports editor of The Banner-Press. Reach him via email at DVDsports@lee.net