Fundraiser to help Pct. 4 deputy fighting breast cancer

February 25, 2019

As a crime-fighting single mother, Harris County Pct. 4 Constable’s Deputy Brittney Buchkar isn’t in the habit of letting challenges stand in her way. Breast cancer is no exception.

Buchkar was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and has been fighting ever since with the support of her loved ones. On March 3, Buchkar’s friends and family invite the community to join in and support Buchkar’s fight against breast cancer during a fundraising event at Bareback Bar and Icehouse in Klein.

Buchkar has been in law enforcement for about seven years — all of them with the Pct. 4 Constable’s Office, where she serves as a patrol deputy covering west Harris County. When she isn’t on duty, or working an extra job, she loves making crafts and playing board games with her 10-year-old daughter, Allison.

Buchkar had a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy last year after noticing a lump in her breast. On Nov. 28, 2018, she received her diagnosis — Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. She underwent tests at MD Anderson and discovered the cancer was in her lymph nodes.

So far, Buchkar has taken four treatments of Adriamycin.

“That’s what they call the ‘red devil,’” Buchkar said. “It’s supposed to be the worst of the drugs I will take.”

Her first two chemo treatments were on a Thursday. She said she took a day off, had two to rest, and then went right back to work as a patrol deputy.

“Usually I would get sick between the third and fifth day, and by day seven, I was feeling good,” Buchkar said. “So, the first week after chemo was kind of rough at work, but then I knew I had a good week coming, so I would just kind of push through a few more days.”

Buchkar is scheduled to begin 12 more treatments of Taxol — another chemotherapy mediation — in late February. After her treatments, she will see a radiologist, undergo surgery, then radiation, and then more chemo treatments.

“Now that this drug is done, they’re telling me I won’t feel as bad, so I’m super excited to not have to feel as bad as I did with that drug,” Buchkar said. “It was mostly nausea, body aches — almost like the flu feeling, when you feel really weak.”

Her daughter, she said, has been a tremendous help.

“She has been really amazing,” Buchkar said. “She knows I have cancer. She knows I get sick. She knows I lost my hair. She’s seen me without my hair.”

When Allison gets home from school on days when her mother feels sick, Buchkar said she comes into the bedroom to check on her before grabbing a snack and starting homework. When Buchkar feels too sick to do a chore, her daughter steps in to help.

“Most people that have children, they’re married, they’re together, so when the wife or the husband doesn’t feel good, then the other spouse takes over, and I don’t really have that, but she’s been so good that I don’t need it,” Buchkar said.

Another source of support was one Buchkar said took her by surprise.

“I never, ever, ever would have expected to get this much support, this much outreach, outpouring from the community — people I don’t even know,” Buchkar said. “It pushes me to fight. It keeps me going. There are so many people rooting for me.”

She said the initiatives like the upcoming fundraiser benefit help relieve financial burdens as well.

“I would work a lot of extra jobs,” Buchkar said. “If I didn’t have the support, I would still have to work and I would really have rest days after chemo. I’d be working through my toughest days. Is sometimes still do work EJs, but not nearly as much.”

A lesson she has learned and that she hopes others realize from her experience as well is that a person does not face their challenges alone.

“No matter what’s put in front of them, or put on their plate, they can handle it,” she said. “Because aside from God and their family and their friends, there are people you don’t even know that will be there for you to support you and pray for you and keep pushing you.”

The benefit supporting Brittney Buchkar at Bareback Bar and Icehouse takes place March 3 from 12 to 7 p.m. T-shirts will be available for $20. Guests can participate in a silent auction and 50-50 drawing.

Bareback Bar and Icehouse is located at 19940 Kuykendahl Rd. in Spring. For food orders, email brittneysbattle@gmail.com.