Gragert looking to listen and learn this session

January 30, 2019

LINCOLN - Nebraska lawmakers introduced 739 bills during this year’s legislative session.

Senator Tim Gragert of Creighton says he introduced two bills this session, and his primary goal this year is to listen and learn.

Gragert says the first bill is LB 243, which proposes to create the Healthy Soils Task Force.

He says the task force would develop a comprehensive healthy soils initiative.

“They are to develop a comprehensive action plan using specified standards as measures to assess improved soil health. With the assistance from outside resources, the task force would examine how to provide farmers with research, education, technical assistance, and demonstration projects; examine options for financial incentives to improve soil health; and examine the contribution of livestock to soil health.”

Gragert says the other legislation he introduced is on behalf of the Unclaimed Property division of the Nebraska State Treasurer’s office.

He says LB 406 updates and modernizes current statute, making the process more efficient.

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