Plea hearing scheduled for man accused in Beaver Dam Menards theft

September 27, 2018

JUNEAU — A plea hearing has been scheduled for a 38-year-old Marshall man who is charged with taking items from the Beaver Dam Menards.

David M. Seely faces a felony count of robbery with threat of force and misdemeanor charges of retail theft from the same incident.

Lucas M. Thruman, 29, of Arena, is charged in the same case with a felony count of robbery with threat of force and misdemeanor charges of retail theft. Thruman also pleaded not guilty plea and has a status conference scheduled on Oct. 1.

According to the criminal complaint, Beaver Dam Police responded to Menards April 16 at 8:45 a.m. The initial report was that a customer had confronted an employee with some sort of weapon and fled the store with the merchandise.

Police made contact with the woman who was threatened. She said that she worked at the service desk and she noted one of the men leave with a cart of merchandise. She tried to confront him, but he continued to walk out of the door. The man got into a car. The woman followed and the man told her not to get any closer to him while raising some item that possibly could have been a Taser, according to the criminal complaint. Other customers also saw the weapon before the vehicle left.

The manager said that there were two drills worth $1,400 that were missing from the store. Police checked a database that collected information about items that were sold at pawn shops, and they found that Thruman had sold one of the drills at Pawn America. The model and serial numbers from the stolen drill matched the one that was sold at Pawn America. The other drill was sold by Seely at EZPawn.

According to the criminal complaint, both men have a history of pawning merchandise such as construction tools.

Seely’s plea hearing is scheduled on Nov. 6.

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