President Trump takes the blame for shutdown

January 11, 2019

Donald Trump, not the Democrats, is responsible for this unnecessary shutdown. The border wall and border security are two separate entities.

Democrats do not oppose border security, which has been funded, involves hiring more border control personnel, hiring more immigration judges and processors to handle asylum claims, improving surveillance capabilities in all areas of the border, improving medical, sheltering, food needs, adding more job and educational counselors to assist asylum seekers to contribute to the American economy, and more.

The border wall is a physical symbol that says to all looking to America, “We do not want you here! Stay out!”

Democrats are wise to hold fast and not be extorted into paying taxpayer monies for a border wall that Trump promised his supporters in 2016 that Mexico would pay for.

Trump is also on tape and on the record from the Dec. 11 White House meeting stating that he would bear all responsibility for the government shutdown if he did not get what he wanted, not blame Democrats. The exchange can be viewed on You Tube and C-SPAN sites. Turns out Trump lied.

Donald Trump is now responsible for the shutdown and the economic hardships it is causing all over this country.

Kathleen Castrovinci, Rochester

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