Former city manager announces for mayor

January 8, 2019

Former City Manager Charlie Cabler announced in a press release this weekend that he is running for mayor of Brownsville because he believes the city has lost its course due to the poor leadership of a few self-interested people.

"These past few weeks, many of you have reached out to support my candidacy for Mayor of Brownsville. I cannot thank you enough for your kind words of support and encouragement," Cabler said in the release and on social media. "I am running because I believe that our city has lost its course due to the poor leadership of a few self-interested individuals. For years, we have ignored the basics of good government and have continued to be mired in the petty non-inclusive politics of self-interest."

According to Cabler, this has resulted in lost opportunities and a lack of progress that has shortchanged essential development within the city.

In the release, Cabler said he is encouraging his supporters to stray from what he calls an existing path of petty, non-inclusive politics of self-interest and micromanagement and join him in an inclusive, back-to-basics approach he will bring if elected.

Cabler pledges to improve streets and drainage; to eliminate micromanagement of city staff; to work with City Manager Noel Bernal to increase pay for staff; to work with all city entities, the port, county and state on regional development and workforce training; to make it easier to open businesses; to reduce property taxes for residents by increasing commercial and industrial tax bases and by improving the efficiency of city operations; and to increase transparency and access to city leadership.

On his campaign website, Cabler also promises to work with state officials to make the batted-about merger of the Rio Grande Valley’s metropolitan planning organization into a single entity in order to receive monies for the East Loop and West Rail projects.

Cabler touts 40 years of public service with the City of Brownsville starting in 1978 when he was hired as a probation officer for the Brownsville Police Department. He was appointed in May 2003 to serve as assistant city manager until September 2004, when he was appointed city manager.

Cabler retired in October 2017, citing his mother’s health problems and that he thought his continued presence would be a distraction from an audit into a private ambulance service operating in the city without a permit.


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