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Kentucky Comes Down on Kilborn

February 11, 2000

OWENSBORO, Ky. (AP) _ Craig Kilborn has incurred the wrath of Kentucky lawmakers over his on-air jokes about tornado-ravaged Owensboro.

A House resolution adopted this week said lawmakers are ``deeply aggrieved at the lack of compassion″ shown by the host of ``The Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn″ on CBS.

The measure asks Kilborn to apologize to Kentuckians for saying replacement trailer houses were on their way to Owensboro residents whose homes were destroyed by the Jan. 3 tornado, which caused an estimated $70 million worth of damage in western Kentucky.

Lawmakers also want Kilborn to say he’s sorry for referring to the commonwealth as ``Kensucky.″

Chris Enders, a CBS spokesman, said ``we certainly regret if we added to the pain of their tragedy in any way.″

Kilborn’s publicist, Steven Rubenstein, said no harm was intended.

``This is a comedy show and we didn’t mean to offend anyone,″ he said.

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