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Campbell Soup Gets Emotional

February 9, 1998

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) _ Campbell Soup Co.’s new soup advertising tugs at the heart and uses an extended version its famous ``M’m! M’m! Good″ slogan.

In one spot, a solemn-faced young girl arrives at her new foster home. The withdrawn youngster doesn’t speak until her foster mother brings her a bowl of soup and the girl says, ``My mommy used to fix me this soup.″

In another commercial, six children from two families plot to convince their single parents to marry. While the parents walk on the beach, the youngsters prepare a romantic dinner with a Campbell recipe retrieved from the Internet. When the couple returns, the youngsters learn the father has already proposed.

Both ads end with the tagline, ``Campbell’s M’m! M’m! Good For The Body, Good For The Soul.″

The ads debut Tuesday during CBS-TV’s Winter Olympics coverage. The food maker said it will spend more than $130 million this year on soup advertising. That is about 30 ercent more than this past year.

``Campbell’s Soup is all about nurturing and nourishing. It’s about relationships,″ said Dale Morrison, Campbell chief executive. ``People have a special connection with our soup, and these ads capture those feelings.″

Campbell accounts for 80 percent of the U.S. market for condensed soup, producing 2.5 billion cans annually. It holds 65 percent of the domestic market in other types of soup.

It hopes to grab more with the new campaign. Consumers can expect a media blitz, with Campbell estimating that 90 percent of all Americans will see the initial two ads and others in the campaign a dozen times in February alone.

Campbell hopes the campaign will resonate as well as the ``Pepsi Generation″ did for Pepsi-Cola and ``We Bring Good Things to Life″ did for General Electric.

Phil Dusenberry, vice chairman of BBDO Worldwide, the creative force behind those campaigns, led the team that created the Campbell campaign.

The ``M’m! M’m! Good″ slogan has been around since the 1930s when it aired on radio. Campbell briefly put it on the back burner in 1994 in favor of the short-lived theme, ``Never Underestimate the Power of Soup.″ It brought back the old slogan two years later.

Campbell, the sixth-largest U.S. food company, also sells Prego sauces, Swanson frozen foods and owns Vlasic foods and Pepperidge Farm.

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