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BC-Extended Entries Lethbridge

May 22, 2019

1st-$4,050, Claiming $2,000-$2,000, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Five Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;My Sweet Sugar , 120;D. Lewis;6-7-1;Dexter Daychief;12/1
2;Bringon the Wain , 120;L. Allen;4-4-5;Daniel Oberholtzer;8/1
3;Boozin Time , 120;J. Rocha;5-4-3;Roger Lopez;2/1
4;Eighty Eight , 120;R. Lahoe;5-2-7;Rusty Smith;6/1
5;Excess Baggage , 120;T. Simpson;2-3-2;Garry Marks;8/5
6;Checkered Cab , 120;N. Patrick;7-6-1;Elige Bourne;10/1
7;Oil Country , 120;B. Stewart;6-6-5;Bill Schmitt;3/1

2nd-$4,000, , 3-Year-Olds & Up , Five and One Half Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Dopp Creek , 120;D. Lewis;5-6-8;Jack Bolin;7/2
2;Intentional Bench , 120;O. Foster;2-7-5;Gail McConaghie;5/2
3;Mr C , 120;J. Rocha;x-x-x;Lyle Magnuson;10/1
4;Wolf Nor Dog , 120;L. Allen;x-x-x;Lyle Magnuson;5/1
5;Wilsman , 120;A. Wright;6-x-x;Carl Perry;6/1
6;Mr Boo , 120;R. Lahoe;x-x-x;Gail McConaghie;12/1
7;Tydy , 120;T. Simpson;4-7-x;Rodney Haynes;8/1
8;Flashy Secret , 120;B. Stewart;3-3-7;James Christianson;8/5

3rd-$4,300, Claiming $4,000-$4,000, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Three Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Cr Crusin for Chics , 120;B. Stewart;4-1-3;Alison Clapton;2/1
2;Autumn Trip , 120;T. Simpson;4-7-3;Bill Schmitt;6/1
3;Lucky Royal Rabbit , 120;R. Moreno;1-3-1;Janice Sather;9/5
4;Charlie's Gold , 120;O. Foster;6-2-1;Jill West;7/2
5;Munckin , 120;D. Benitez;5-1-6;Buckey Stockwell;3/1

4th-$4,100, Claiming $2,500-$2,500, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares, Six Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Itsabeautifulday , 120;T. Simpson;1-5-1;John Poirier;9/5
2;Voodoo Vixen , 120;D. Benitez;4-2-3;Les Adams;6/1
3;Come On Fire , 120;L. Allen;5-1-2;Larry Snider;8/1
4;Closing Katie , 120;B. Stewart;3-6-4;Nellie Pigeau;3/1
5;Portray Ur Vision , 120;D. Lewis;2-6-3;Jack Bolin;5/2

5th-$4,050, Allowance, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares (NW3 L), Six Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Just Nuts , 120;N. Patrick;1-7-2;Bill Kinch;10/1
2;Empress Wildcat , 120;R. Lahoe;6-4-2;Gail McConaghie;12/1
3;Rare Delight , 120;D. Benitez;4-7-2;Alison Clapton;6/1
4;Offended , 120;B. Stewart;1-5-3;Dallas Birdrattler;8/5
5;Kykee , 120;A. Wright;7-2-5;Tracey Burbank;12/1
6;Tizluminous Dorthy , 120;L. Allen;4-1-x;Lyle Magnuson;5/2
7;Pegasus Onezeroone , 120;O. Foster;3-5-4;Jill West;8/1
8;Shadow Pond , 120;J. Rocha;2-4-9;Rodney Haynes;4/1

6th-$4,400, Claiming $5,000-$5,000, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Six Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;He's Italian , 120;L. Allen;3-6-1;Lyle Magnuson;3/1
2;Thisismystory , 120;N. Patrick;7-4-7;Cindy Cummins;10/1
3;Gallant Gabe , 120;D. Lewis;4-5-5;Pete Dubois;5/1
4;Ocanera , 120;R. Lahoe;5-2-4;Daniel Oberholtzer;12/1
5;Monumental Max , 120;A. Wright;6-4-7;Terri Landaker;12/1
6;Italian by Mariage , 120;O. Foster;6-1-1;Jill West;6/1
7;Master's Bluff , 120;B. Stewart;5-2-2;Nellie Pigeau;8/1
8;Herculean , 120;T. Simpson;1-1-3;Garry Marks;2/1

7th-$4,500, Allowance, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Seven Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Swift Arrow , 120;J. Rocha;6-4-1;Terri Landaker;10/1
2;Pavelski , 120;T. Simpson;1-9-1;Shawn Calfrobe;5/2
3;Empire Ruler , 120;D. Lewis;4-1-2;Jack Bolin;3/1
4;Why Not Live , 120;B. Stewart;5-1-4;Nellie Pigeau;5/1
5;Year of the Ma , 120;N. Patrick;6-10-3;Len Hambly;12/1
6;Klondike Ike , 120;L. Allen;2-1-1;Lyle Magnuson;9/5
7;Endless Courage , 120;O. Foster;5-4-3;Pete Dubois;8/1

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