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Man Arrested After Allegedly Robbing Bank, Giving Money to Bystanders

July 24, 1993

LAS VEGAS (AP) _ Ronald Chroniak stood outside a bank doling out $100 bills to stunned recipients he cheerfully urged to ″have a good day.″ But it wasn’t his to give away.

Chroniak, 46, was arrested Friday shortly after he allegedly robbed a Bank of America branch, police said. When they found him, he was still handing out money.

It all started when a man walked into the bank around noon and handed a teller a note demanding money. After receiving an undisclosed amount, he strolled out and began sharing the booty.

Alexander McNair said he was eating lunch in the bank courtyard when a man walked up and handed him a $100 bill.

″Where’d you get the money, man?″ McNair asked as he stared at the slightly crumpled bill.

″I just robbed the bank,″ the man replied calmly. ″Have a nice day 3/8″

The man moved on to a sandwich shop and then an office building lobby, where he was arrested minutes later.

″He didn’t seem scared at all,″ said Matthew Lotter, a sandwich shop employee. ″He wasn’t trying to run. He was joking and laughing.″

Police Lt. Mike Hawkins said most of the money was recovered.

Reporters arrived just before police took Chroniak away. He said he had moved to Nevada about three months ago and had tired of Las Vegas and losing money in its casinos.

His own private giveaway, he said, was ″my way of getting even.″

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