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Two Policemen Killed in Northern Ireland Attacks

February 25, 1993

BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) _ A sniper killed a policeman near the Irish border on Thursday, hours after a bomb killed an off-duty officer, police said.

No group immediately claimed responsibility. Police officers have frequently been targets of the Irish Republican Army in its violent campaign against British rule.

Police said a single shot killed Constable John Reid, 30, as he patrolled a field alongside British soldiers in south Armagh, an area of rolling bog land notorious for IRA activity.

The bullet sliced through Reid’s flak jacket, police said, suggesting use of a long-range, high-powered specialist rifle known to be in the IRA arsenal.

Earlier, Constable Reggie Williamson, 46, was fatally injured when a bomb hidden under his car exploded in north Armagh, about 30 miles southwest of Belfast.

His girlfriend, Jennifer Hill, told reporters she was driving behind him.

Miss Hill, a Catholic, said she ran to the aid of her Protestant boyfriend. ″I just couldn’t let go of him. He was just moaning,″ she said.

Williamson died in a hospital.

His brother Freddie, a British soldier serving with the locally recruited Ulster Defense Regiment, was killed in an ambush in 1982.

Miss Hill said Williamson was normally careful to check his car for booby traps and to vary his driving routes but ″this time he just wasn’t careful enough.″

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