GOP leaders need to work with Evers -- Richard Brouillard

February 3, 2019

The recent Foxconn announcement is bad news for the Republican leaders of the state. Of course, they placed blame on someone else to deflect any criticism that might be directed against them and the deal that they made.

It is time for the leaders of the Assembly and Senate to sober up from their highly partisan ideological intoxication. They need to recognize and take responsibility for the policies that they have implemented.

Their leadership has caused a huge divide in the state, and the majority of voters responded to this in the last election. They need to work with Gov. Tony Evers to fix the roads, expand Medicare, improve rural broadband, and create an equitable system for taxing residents for the services they receive from the state.

I suspect this will not happen, and they will continue to pass legislation that takes millions of dollars to defend, enhances their power and diminishes the rights of citizens. Then they will blame others when something does not go their way.

Richard Brouillard, Waterloo

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