New Spring ISD police facility is a ‘win-win’

October 12, 2018

Spring ISD opened its previous district police facility on North Forest Boulevard over 15 years ago and as the district grew, so did the number of officers.

“The need grew for more and more officers, so it got a little crowded over there,” said Rhonda Newhouse, president of the Spring ISD school board.

The Spring ISD community gathered at 420 Lockhaven Drive on Tuesday, Oct. 9, to celebrate and tour Spring ISD’s new Police Command Center and Tax Office.

“Through the 2016 bond, we were able to purchase this building,” Newhouse said. “We were actually looking for this building even before the bond because we knew we had to do something to help them out and as a result, we found a good deal on this building.”

According to district officials, the overall project budget, including building and renovations, was approximately $4.7 million.

The two-story facility has about 42,000 square feet for offices, training areas, processing areas, dispatch center, as well as a permanent location for the tax office, which was being housed in a temporary facility.

The tax office’s proximity to the district’s police department is a plus, Newhouse explained.

“They’re collecting money, so the security of the police department is a really good thing,” Newhouse said. “It’s a win-win situation.”

The facility’s first floor is dedicated to the police department, which sits well with Spring ISD Police Chief Victor Mitchell.

“I’ve been working in a building, it’s about 8,000-square-footage, and we currently have half our team set up at a satellite location, so walking into a little over 21,000-square-footage is a big deal,” Mitchell said. “We have space, which will be utilized to make sure that we are providing the best training that we can based on best practices for law enforcement, particularly for our school settings.”


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