Lodge’s liquor license on verge of suspension

January 4, 2019

The Jackson Town Council will review the status of the Virginian Saloon and liquor store’s retail liquor license later this month after police said employees there sold alcohol to minors three times in the last four months.

The violations were Aug. 15, Dec. 20 and 28, according to Jackson police Sgt. Michelle Weber.

Municipal code states that if a business fails three subsequent compliance checks or fails three checks within one year’s time its license will be subject to review and could be suspended for 120 days.

The Jackson Police Department conducts compliance checks regularly by working with minors who attempt to illegally buy alcohol.

Eight of the 30 businesses that were checked Dec. 20 and 28 failed the test, Weber said.

“Please help us keep the next generation of youth safe,” Weber said. “Keep alcohol out of the hands of our young community members.”

Town Clerk Sandy Birdyshaw said the council will review the Virginian’s liquor license at a Jan. 22 meeting.

“The ordinance is fairly new,” she said.

The municipal code was adopted in May. This is the second time a business has had three violations in 12 months since it went into place.

Pizzeria Caldera’s restaurant liquor license was suspended last year for the same type of violations.

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