Orchids and Onions: Friday, May 3, 2019

May 3, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to those that tolerate the construction on Havasu Ave, it will be over before you know it and life will go on. Ranger Terry.

Onions to the onion about the Las Vegas transport firm not picking up the family. Our driver showed up 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled pick up time but they had already left. Our driver had called the day before four times and left two messages with the pickup time. In addition, we refunded their fare. So where’s the beef?

Orchids to the kitchen staff and servers at Quality Inn. Thursday night was CERT’s Annual Dinner planned for 6 p.m. when a large fire occurred late in the afternoon. With a single telephone call they were able to move the dinner back to accommodate many of the members working the fire. The food and service was excellent, even after 7 p.m.

Onions to the lowlifes and intellectually depraved guys parked in the channel with speakers blaring racist and profanity laden tunes. Parents must be proud. It did clear that end of the channel as it repulsive to other boaters.

Orchids to Arturo at Dynamite Roofing for his help in finding a replacement tile for our roof. Great guy, great company.

Onions to person/persons responsible for updating the “Havasu 100” list. Several on the roster are dead and gone. They no longer ‘move & shape’ the community. These pointless names keep others in limbo. Besides myself, I can think of at least 7 that should be on there. Please give us our chance!

Orchids to the crew at River City Movers showed up in a timely manner friendly and polite guys and very well organized in getting us moved great job guys!

Onions to the driver of the business-wrapped car, that couldn’t wait for me to get out of the intersection at Acoma and Maricopa. Needs driving training!

Orchids to Natalie, Leslie, Ashley and Karin at Smith’s! Always a smile to give, friendly, professional and just the best customer service ever!

Onions to people who donate disgusting and dirty clothes and other articles they can’t even give away at garage sales!

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