Poem: The Day Before Christmas

December 26, 2018

Twas the day before Christmas,

And in the Midwest,

I was screaming like Tarzan,

And pounding my chest.

The driveway was covered,

With a new foot of snow,

So out to the garage,

Is where I did go.

For there was my monster,

Eight horses strong,

A two-stage snowblower,

This shouldn’t take long.

For this double-wide driveway,

And new fallen snow,

“I’ll blow it to the neighbor’s,

That’s where it will go!”

And with the first pull,

Came a sound like a Harley,

And a wicked old smile,

As I sucked down my barley.

I blew it out fast,

And I blew it out clean,

To the south in the neighbor’s,

Where all the sudden I seen,

There in her bathrobe,

In the doorway she stood,

Holding two margaritas,

And Gosh darn she looked good!

But to get to her doorstep,

Had a mission to do,

Clear out her driveway,

Where my snow I just blew.

No biggie I’m thinkin’,

I’m up to the task,

With my monster snowblower,

I’ll be with her real fast.

So I pulled on the throttle,

Up the drive I was chuggin’,

To them two margaritas,

Some kissin’ and huggin’.

But I ran out of gas,

And a shovel I took,

Finished her driveway,

She gave me ‘the look.’

Darn near exhausted,

We hosted a cheer,

Merry Christmas to us,

And a Happy New Year!

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