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Israel May Use Deportations To Stem Arab Stabbing Attacks

December 5, 1990

JERUSALEM (AP) _ Cabinet ministers said Tuesday that Israel may deport Palestinian activists as one way to stem a wave of Arab stabbing attacks.

Israel has expelled 60 Palestinians during their 3-year-old revolt, but eased up on deportations in recent months following repeated Western protests that such action was inhumane.

Right-wing leaders want deportations back again following Sunday’s fatal bus stabbing of an Israeli near Tel Aviv, the 12th such attack on Jews in six weeks.

Justice Minister Dan Meridor said on Israel television, ″Not only is there no deterrent to expulsions but we must acknowledge there is no choice but to use the weapon of deportation as well against inciters″ of violence.

Meridor, of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s right-wing Likud bloc, added: ″The developments of the last few weeks show a need for new thinking, intensive action ... If we prove our forbearance, our ability to stand up, we will win.″

Israeli news media said Defense Minister Moshe Arens was exploring ways of expediting deporation procedures, since expulsions are often delayed by appeals to the Supreme Court.

Arens’ spokesman Danny Naveh said in an interview that the idea of deporting Arabs linked to attacks on Israelis is ″always on the agenda.″ He noted that Arens considered deportations an ″effective means″ against violence, but declined to elaborate.

In Beit Fajar, a West Bank village near Bethlehem, soldiers ambushed activists Monday night at a common site for stone-throwing attacks, shooting and wounding one protester in the leg, the army said.

Arab and Israeli reports said a second youth Anwar, Ahmad Taqatqa, 17, was wounded and later died of injuries.

The army said it could not confirm Taqatqa died as a result of gunfire because the body was buried without autopsy.

He was the 776th Palestinian killed by Israelis in the revolt against Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Fifty-three Israelis also have died.

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