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Model Candidate Says Novel Approach May Have Caused Loss

January 15, 1986

HOBOKEN, N.J. (AP) _ A Board of Education candidate who ran a newspaper ad showing her in a provocative evening gown said Wednesday that even though the photo may have cost her the election, ″I did it my way.″

And Evelyn Arroyo, a former shoe store model and beauty queen, said if the publicity from the advertisement leads to modeling offers, she’ll jump at the opportunity.

″If I get contracts for modeling or for commercials, I will do that,″ said the 21-year-old day-care center worker.

Ms. Arroyo’s ad, which showed her sitting with her arms wrapped around her knees, peeking coyly over a bare shoulder, ran last week in the Hudson Reporter, a free, weekly newspaper.

At the time, Ms. Arroyo said she decided to use the ad because ″the politicians aren’t supporting me, so I figured the only way I could win was (to) use my natural assets.″

Ms. Arroyo came in third in Tuesday’s election with 407 votes for the newly created two-year board seat she was seeking.

The winner, policeman Eugene Drayton, received 1,923 votes, and runner-up Lourdes Arroyo, received 1,696 votes. The Arroyos are not related.

William Metcalfe, who called the ad disgusting, received 216 votes and Frances Mancuso came in last with 203 votes.

″It was just a simple idea,″ Ms. Arroyo said of the $300 advertisement. ″It was a good idea, it was creative, different.″

In the ad, the photograph from the 1982 Miss Puerto Rican New Jersey’s portfolio was printed at a 90-degree angle.

Ms. Arroyo conceded Wednesday that publicity surrounding the ad may have cost her the election. But, she said, ″I don’t regret it. If I had to do it again, I would take the same course.″

″Nobody was pulling my strings,″ she said. ″I was just an independent person trying to help the community in any way I can. The main thing is that I really tried and I did it my way.″

The unsuccessful candidate said if she had been elected, she planned to institute an evening child care center for single parents attending college.

″Even though I lost, I’m still going to try to give them (the board of education) my ideas,″ she said.

But she said she will not seek any other public office until she has completed studies in special education at Jersey City State College.

″They did criticize me because I don’t have a diploma,″ she said. ″I would look better if I had a diploma.″

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