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Arrington Issues Challenge to Sapp

October 8, 2003

ASHBURN, Va. (AP) _ Washington Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington looked directly into the TV camera and delivered a sharp message to Warren Sapp.

``Sapp,″ Arrington said. ``I’m going to get you.″

Much like the contrived trash talk engendered by broadcast reporters before events the Super Bowl, the Redskins linebacker challenged the Pro Bowl defensive tackle on two fronts Wednesday as the Redskins prepared for Sunday’s game against Sapp’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

First, Arrington said he’ll take issue if Sapp comes on Washington’s side of the field during pregame stretching, as Sapp has been known to do. Such pregame altercations have led the NFL to order officials to take the field 45 minutes before kickoff.

``I’m expecting for Warren Sapp to cause me to grab him _ because he’s going to try to run through our lineup in pregame,″ Arrington said. ``You never let a man run through your stretching line. If a team crosses your 50-yard line while you’re stretching, there’s a problem.

``You don’t let somebody come to where your whole team is because that’s a blatant show of disrespect, that’s a blatant show of ’Why should I go around y’all?‴

Arrington was then asked what will happen if the Bucs use Sapp on offense. Sapp caught a touchdown pass against Atlanta two weeks ago.

``Sapp, I’m going to get you,″ Arrington said, looking straight into one of the cameras from a local TV station.

``If they put you out there, I’m going to get him. That’s disrespectful in my opinion, too, to put defensive guys on offense that are lineman. I’m gunning. You come out there, you’ve got some killers on the other side of the ball _ just like you’re a killer when you’re on defense.″

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