Addiction expert urges you to take the “Dry July” no drinking pledge

July 9, 2018

LINCOLN - An addiction expert urges you to take the “Dry July” pledge. Michael Molthan says this is a no drinking pledge for 30 days.

Molthan says, “It is actually brand new. “Dry July” is basically an opportunity to take the funds that you would spend on alcohol and put it towards a good cause.”

Molthan is a recovering alcoholic himself and says this is also a good time to address this deadly illness.

Molthan says, “Alcoholism is a deadly disease and it is actually the most deadly among all of them. Alcohol is a slow, slithering, patient snake that is always around and wipes people out. It makes people’s lives unmanageable. We lose our jobs. We lose our lives. The neat thing about “Dry July” is it gives us the opportunity to dry out and start looking at our lives from the inside out.”

Statistics show that one hour after the last drink the body kicks in to detox mode and the bloodstream starts to clear out. Within 12 to 24 hours the body is in full detox mode and blood sugar stabilizes. Benefits of taking the pledge include improvements to skin, weight loss, less liver fat and better sleep.

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