GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) _ A stock car driver who had a grim premonition before his last race, which ended in a crash that left him critically injured, has died after six years in a coma.

Funeral services were scheduled Thursday for Jack Theeuwes of Grand Rapids. He died Monday at age 42.

Theeuwes suffered severe head injuries on May 26, 1980, in a crash at Winchester Speedway in Muncie, Ind. He remained comatose until his death.

Family members said that prior to the race, Theeuwes had given his wife instructions on what to do in case of his death. At the same track the previous year, Theeuwes suffered a concussion when his car was struck by another car after he had won the race.

''He just had a feeling something was going to happen to him because of the race track,'' said Bonita Theeuwes.

Theeuwes, after being treated at several hospitals for head injuries, spent the last years of his life at a nursing home in Lamont, his wife said.

''Racing was a hobby, and through his personality he was loved by everybody,'' she said.