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Assault Charges Filed After CBers Meet And Fight

March 26, 1985

RANDALLSTOWN, Md. (AP) _ One citizens band radio enthusiast was stabbed and another was beaten with a baseball bat when an on-the-air argument between the two turned into a face- to-face fight, police said.

Police charged Andrew Bronfein, 19, with assault, assault with intent to maim, burglary and destruction of property for allegedly barging into the home of Mitchell Salsbury, 20, Sunday night, swinging a baseball bat.

Salsbury stabbed Bronfein with a large knife, but the wounds in the back and buttocks were superficial, Baltimore County Officer James Davenport said Monday.

″He (Bronfein) was very fortunate,″ Davenport said.

Salsbury, whose CB handle is ″Candy Man,″ suffered bruises and abrasions after being struck several times by the bat, police said. He was not charged for stabbing Bronfein, who is known over the air as ″Immigrant.″

A third CBer, Troy Pullen, 19, told police he witnessed part of the fight.

Pullen, who told police he talked with Salsbury frequently by CB, said their transmissions started being interrupted several weeks ago by someone calling himself ″Immigrant.″

That person used racial epithets over the air (a violation of federal regulations for CBs), and challenged Salsbury to fights, Pullen said.

Pullen, who is black, said he was talking with Salsbury, who is white, last Sunday night when ″Immigrant″ came on the air with racial insults and verbal abuse again. The two men switched to another channel, but Bronfein, who police said is white and who uses the handle ″Immigrant, followed them and continued to disrupt their conversation, Pullen said.

Pullen said he then went to a movie with his girlfriend. When they returned to his car and he turned on the CB, he found that Salsbury and Bronfein were still arguing over the air, Pullen said.

When he drove to Salsbury’s house and pulled into the driveway, Pullen saw Bronfein wielding the bat, he said.

Pullen said he backed out quickly and drove away.

A police report said Bronfein began swinging the bat and walking toward Salsbury on the front porch. Salsbury went into his house and shut the door, returning to the radio to talk to Pullen, the report said.

But Bronfein followed Salsbury inside, police said. Salsbury picked up a military knife and chased Bronfein back outside, where the fight took place, the police report said.

Salsbury returned inside the house, and Bronfein smashed the glass on the front screen door and left, police said.

Davenport said police found Bronfein at Baltimore County General Hospital being treated for knife wounds.

Bronfein was arrested and held until Monday, when he was released on $2,500 bail.

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