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Man Covers Up Replica of Nude ‘David’

August 18, 2003

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) _ A man who put a replica of Michelangelo’s nude ``David″ sculpture in his yard responded to neighbors’ objections by engaging in a cover-up.

Christopher Schapker last week used a strategically placed sheet to counteract concerns about the male nude in the side yard of his home.

Parents of students who attend a neighboring center that provides services for disabled people had expressed concern over the statue’s nudity.

Schapker and his housemate, Kerry Niehaus, spent $2,000 for the sculpture to enhance the early 20th century style of their home.

At first, none of the children at the center noticed the statue. Once it was pointed out, it became the source of much discussion, said Rosemary Durbin, whose young daughter spends her days at the Evansville ARC Center.

Police Chief Dave Gulledge said he had not received any formal complaints about the statue.

``My preliminary thought is that it does not violate any statute,″ Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Stan Levco said. ``But I haven’t made a final determination.″

The David statue is not the only potentially objectionable decoration in Schapker’s yard.

``I’ve had a topless mermaid in my pond for two years that no one has said one thing about,″ he said.

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