Armed man points gun at dog during robbery of couple in Tremont

August 10, 2018

Armed man points gun at dog during robbery of couple in Tremont

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A gunman robbed a couple walking their dog in the city’s Tremont neighborhood, police reports say.

The robbery happened about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday on University Avenue near West 5th Street, according to police.

The 45-year-old man and 35-year-old woman told police they were walking their dog in the street when a silver Toyota Corolla pulled up behind them.

The couple moved into the grass to let the car pass, when a man wearing a bandanna jumped out of the car and pointed two guns at them, according to police reports.

The robber demanded the couple’s money and phone.

The man said the dog’s leash slipped from his hand and the dog walked up to the robber. The robber pointed the gun at the dog, police reports say.

The woman screamed, grabbed the dog’s leash and ran back near the man, police reports say. She told the robber she didn’t have anything with her.

The man threw his iPhone and his Coach wallet – along with $215 and several credit cards— on the ground. The robber picked it up, jumped back in the car and the driver sped off toward Interstate 490, police reports say.

Officers got on the highway by the West 7th Street ramp and waited for the car, but never saw it, police reports say.

Investigators tried to track the stolen phone, but the phone had been turned off, police reports say.

The car driven by the robbers was stolen at gunpoint about 90 minutes earlier from a 55-year-old woman — who was in the car with a 32-year-old woman and 14-year-old boy— on East 136th Street and Benwood Avenue, police reports say.

In that case, three men with hoods pulled tight around their faces ran up to the car about 7 p.m., pointed guns at the trio and ordered them out of the car.

The trio jumped in and sped off north on East 136th Street. A cellphone and $100 were inside the car when it was stolen, police reports say. Officers drove around the area but couldn’t find the car, police reports say.

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