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‘Super-Rapido’ Trains Travel at 124 mph Between Rome and Milan

September 27, 1987

ROME (AP) _ The first of four new ″super-rapido″ trains departed from Rome on Sunday morning and reached Milan in four hours and 55 minutes.

The trains, traveling at speeds of up to 124 mph, shave about an hour off the 393-mile trip in an ordinary ″rapido″ train, previously the fastest way to travel between the two cities. There are two trips a day in each direction.

The $78 one-way, first-class ticket includes lunch or dinner in a restaurant car. Three hostesses offer newspapers, magazines and coffee to passengers in their seats.

Introduction of the ″super-rapidos″ is the first step in a modernization program by the Italian rail system that foresees trains capable of traveling more than 180 mph, making the Rome-Milan trip in three hours and 15 minutes, railway officials said.

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