Do you want to earn an $775 extra every month?

May 6, 2019

Just think what you could do with an extra $775 in gross income every month! You could buy your own home, and tell your greedy corporate landlord to drop dead! You could finally afford to drive a car that is not on the brink of having a catastrophic break down!

You could actually afford to go to a doctor or dentist when you need to, or to have your spouse or kids go when they need to. You could actually afford to LIVE, for once, and not just survive like so many tens of millions of your fellow wage slaves are forced to merely survive!

Heck… you could even afford to move somewhere where there are plenty of good jobs with good pay… or to go to school so you could qualify for those better jobs! Or you could even afford to send your kids to school, so THEY do not have to end up doing some dead end job like so many tens of millions of Americans have to do! YOU COULD EVEN STOP HAVING TO BEG FOR WELFARE AND FOOD STAMPS, LIKE TENS OF MILLIONS OF LOW WAGE WORKERS ARE FORCED TO DO!

SOUNDS GREAT, RIGHT? How do you get in in this sweet deal? HERE IS THE CATCH… if you are a Republican, you will NOT want to keep reading… because we are going to be telling a very important and very powerful little truth just below… and every real American… that’s mostly us Democrats… knows that THE TRUTH MAKES REPUBLICANS VERY ANGRY!

OK, REAL AMERICANS… now that all the Republicans have tuned back in to Faux News or Rush Limbaugh or some of the many other well-paid professional right wing liars out there… WE CAN TALK TRUTH BEHIND THEIR BACKS! So, now… HOW CAN MANY TENS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS EARN UP TO AN EXTRA $775 A MONTH?

Simple! VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS WHO WILL DO WHATEVER THEY NEED TO DO TO RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE AT LEAST BACK TO WHAT IT WAS… 51 YEARS AGO! What? If the U.S. minimum wage was raised back to what it was in February, 1968… adjusted for inflation, of course… a solid majority of people could earn up to $775 a month more than what they earn right now? YUP!

OOPS… I see that a number of Republicans have just had strokes! I told you NOT to keep reading!

John Dille,