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Police Arrest 11-Year-Old Working as Drug Courier

August 10, 1989

HOUSTON (AP) _ An 11-year-old boy who earned spending money by delivering crack cocaine was arrested after handing some it to an undercover police officer, authorities said.

Officer Fabian Arista said he arranged to buy $40 worth of crack - two rock-like crystals - from a woman Wednesday, but she told him she would have to phone her ″regular connection.″

Arista said he asked the woman who was bringing him the crack. She said, ″The youngster’s carrying it for him,″ Arista said.

The boy walked out of a nearby apartment complex 10 minutes later, gave the officer four-tenths of a gram of crack and took his money, Arista said.

The officer said he asked the boy: ″What are you doing? You just making some extra money this summer?

″He just shook his head and smiled. He knew full well what he was doing.″

After Arista left, a police team moved in to make arrests.

Pamela Denise Culbreath, 33, who allegedly arranged the deal, was charged with delivery of a controlled substance. The boy’s 19-year-old brother was charged with carrying a prohibited weapon, a .22-caliber pistol, Arista said.

The boy was turned over to juvenile authorities, who charged him with delivery of a controlled substance, Arista said.

Police Sgt. A.D. Moore said the boy was released to his mother.

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